‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’: How J. A. Bayona and the VFX Team Channeled Classic Horror Movies

For his dino out of jungle sequel, “Fallen Kingdom,” director J.


Bayona (“A Monster Calls”) channeled classic horror in collaboration with Industrial Light & Magic, especially during the final battle in a Gothic mansion between Blue, the heroic Velociraptor, and the new weaponized monster hybrid, the Indoraptor.“If you think about kids playing with dinosaurs, most of the time they play in their bedrooms, so it was like a fantasy of a kid becoming a reality,” Bayona said.

“And there is this shot of the Indoraptor over Maisie’s [Isabella Sermon] bed and he’s extending his claw.

I got that from ‘Nosferatu.’”And, like the Frankenstein monster, the Indoraptor (Indominus Rex crossed with Velociraptor) served as a prototype gone wrong: a rejected creature worthy of some sympathy.

“It’s not about accepting dinosaurs anymore, it’s about accepting ourselves,” added Bayona.

“The dinosaur situation has become global.


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