Justin Bieber Concert Fraudster Documentary Is Boarded By First Hand Films (Exclusive)

Zurich-based First Hand Films has snapped up the Norwegian documentary “Trust Me” – about a Justin Bieber concert fraudster.

The film is directed by Emil Trier, co-director with his brother Joachim Trier of “The Other Munch,” showcased at New York’s Lincoln Center in 2018.The pic produced by Thomas Robsahm and Nicolai Moland for Motlys, with co-production partner Zentropa Sweden, is world premiering at the Nordic:dox competition strand of Denmark’s leading documentary festival Cph:dox, running April 21-May 12.“Trust Me” is a stranger than fiction true story echoing “Catch Me If You Can.” The documentary chronicles the startling rise and fall of young Norwegian entrepreneur of Pakistani descent Waleed Ahmed, currently serving an 11-year prison sentence in the U.S.

for international fraud.Once a media darling, hailed as “Norway’s Mark Zuckerberg” at the age of 20 for supposedly inventing a solar energy mobile, Ahmed fooled everyone in Norway before moving

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