Justine Bateman Cast Justin Theroux as a Nasty Inner Voice in ‘Violet.’ She Knows All About That.

The first time we hear Justin Theroux’s voice in Justine Bateman’s feature directorial debut, “Violet,” it stings.“You’re fat, your hair is gross, you smell, you majored in the wrong thing in college, you don’t have enough friends, why don’t you know how to cook, you don’t remember enough people’s birthdays.” The dulcet tones of Theroux ring out in voiceover, as the eponymous Violet (Olivia Munn) takes it all in, staring blankly, her eyes averted just beyond the camera’s lens.It’s an immersive and unsettling start to the film, but it does exactly what Bateman wants: We’re in the cacophony of Violet’s own head, a place filled with all the fears that the unnamed inner voice spits back at her.

For Bateman, a long-time multi-hyphenate who got her start in the seminal television series “Family Ties,” “Violet” is the product of decades of desire.

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