Kal Penn Made a Show About Global Economic Pitfalls for One of the World’s Biggest Companies

“Kal Penn” is the host of “This Giant Beast That Is the Global Economy,” a new series from Amazon Prime Video.

Those quotes around his name might be a little bit confusing, but they come from the fact that this comedic docuseries adventure through some of the more complex corners of the international financial world has a character as a guide, even though it may look an awful lot like comedic actor and former Obama White House staffer Kal Penn.“I’m hosting it, but it’s not me.

It’s like that version of Kal Penn the ‘This Giant Beast’ character is,” Penn told IndieWire.

Produced by Adam McKay, the series carries the same vignette-laden style found in projects like “The Big Short.” Many of Penn’s comedy compatriots pop up on screen to explain economic concepts like rent-seeking and money laundering.

Knowing that people might come in with

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