Kate Dickie: ‘I think I’m happiest being in other people’s skin’

From Red Road to Prometheus, the Scottish actor has quietly amassed one of the most impressive CVs on screen.

Our film critic talks to one of his favourite actorsEarlier this year, an Observer reader asked me the question: “Which actor do you think has produced the greatest quality of work across their career?” My answer was Kate Dickie.

The Scottish star made a splash in Andrea Arnold’s directorial feature debut, Red Road, in 2006, for which she won a Scottish Bafta, and has gone on to appear in a bewilderingly diverse array of films.

These range from Ridley Scott’s sci-fi blockbuster Prometheus (2012) to Robert Eggers’s indie chiller The Witch (2015), Tom Geens’s mysterious, grief-stricken Couple in a Hole, and more recently David Lowery’s epic chivalric poem adaptation The Green Knight (2021).

In some of these films Dickie takes the lead; in others she plays a supporting role.

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