Kate Winslet’s 15 Best Performances Ranked

Kate Winslet is an actress whose performances aren’t defined so much by their rigid technicality, but by their manner of presence.

Much like the work of a classical Hollywood movie star, Kate Winslet’s power lies more in the brusque delivery of a cutting line or a piercing glance.

There’s a looseness writhing to get out beneath the false composure of her characters, who are almost always marked by their prickly defiance and wit.Whether bound inside a corset, or to the social and gender mores of a period setting (into which she’s often typecast), there’s a feral charm to her approach.

In a movie like “Titanic,” Winslet’s Rose Dewitt Bukater doesn’t quite fit into the stifling world of the early-20th-century upper class; that idea is taken to more contemporary extremes in a movie like “Revolutionary Road” as April Wheeler, a miserable housewife

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