Kathryn Newton and Vince Vaughn’s Body-Swap Thriller ‘Freaky’ Sets Release, Debuts Trailer

Universal Pictures has set a release date “Freaky,” a body-swap serial killer comedy starring Kathryn Newton and Vince Vaughn, and dropped a new trailer.

The movie will debut in theaters on Friday, Nov.

13.Newton, whose credits include “Blockers” and “Big Little Lies,” will portray 17-year-old Millie who’s trying to survive the bloodthirsty halls of high school and the cruelty of the popular crowd.

But when she becomes the newest target of Vaughn’s Butcher, her town’s infamous serial killer, her senior year becomes the least of her worries.When The Butcher’s mystical ancient dagger causes him and Millie to wake up in each other’s bodies, Millie learns that she has just 24 hours to get her body back before the switch becomes permanent and she’s trapped in the form of a middle-aged maniac forever.

The only problem is she now looks like a towering psychopath who

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