Keanu Reeves Casts Doubt on ‘Bill & Ted 3’ Actually Happening: ‘It Still Has Its Challenges’

“Bill & Ted” fans rejoiced in May when it was confirmed a third film in the franchise was on the way with original stars Keanu Reeves and Alex Returning returning.

The film, entitled “Bill & Ted Face the Music,” announced it was heading into pre-production with “Galaxy Quest” and “Red 2” filmmaker Dean Parisot directing from a script by Chris Matheson and Ed Soloman, both of whom wrote the 1989 original and its 1991 sequel.

Unfortunately, the third installment might not be as much of a guarantee as originally reported.Speaking to Yahoo! Entertainment, Reeves cast doubt on “Bill & Ted Face the Music” happening by teasing some behind-the-scenes issues.

The actor did not get into any of the specifics, but he did mention he’s unsure as of July 2018 if a third movie is “a reality.” Reeves said the script is ready to go but that “financing, rights, deals” are standing in the way.

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