Ken Jennings’ Past Tweets Mocking the Disabled Surface After ‘Jeopardy’ Guest Hosting Announcement

Twenty four hours after Sony Pictures Television announced that “Jeopardy” fan favorite Ken Jennings would be one of several guest hosts taking over the popular quiz show in January in the aftermath of the death of Alex Trebek, a four-year old tweet has returned to put a cloud over the occasion.After Jennings’ gig was announced last night, actress and activist Yvette Nicole Brown posted a tweet decrying the casting choice.

When asked by followers why she directed them to a tweet posted by Jennings on September 22, 2014 where he posted: “Nothing sadder than a hot person in a wheelchair.” Jennings never condemned his actions at the time, and as of this writing the tweet is still up on his timeline.

(Neither Jennings nor Sony Pictures Television responded for comment.)Nope.— yvette nicole brown (@Ynb) November 24, 2020It wasn’t until 2018, in response to someone retweeting his comments,

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