Korea Box Office: ‘Book of Fish’ and ‘Godzilla’ Share Honors on Quiet Weekend

Hollywood monster movie “Godzilla vs.

Kong’ and Korean historical drama “Book of Fish” each made a claim to be the top film at the Korean box office.

But neither could prevent weekend revenues from slumping.“Fish,” which depicts the encounter between an early 19th century scholar who learns about nature and biodiversity and a peasant fisherman who aspires to better himself, sold the more tickets over the weekend and thus appears top in Korean charts.“Fish” was directed by Lee Joon-ik, who has previously enjoyed a spectacular run of hit films including: “The King and The Clown,” “Sunny,” “The Throne” and “Dongju: Portrait of a Poet.”“Godzilla” had higher ticket prices and marginally higher gross revenues.

For the second weekend retained its claim to be the highest grossing film in the country.

It earned $472,000, giving a cumulative total of $5.58 million since March 25, according to data from the Korean Film Council’s Kobis tracking service.

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