Korea Box Office Leaps as ‘Deliver Us From Evil’ Has $10 Million Opening

Action thriller, “Deliver Us From Evil” had a $10.6 million opening weekend in South Korean cinemas, lifting the country’s overall box office by 75%.The film, directed by Hong Won-chan (“Office”) and starring Hwang Jung-min and Lee Jung-jae, was released on Wednesday and ran off with a $15.0 million total over five days.

Measured by admissions, 1.39 million people bought tickets to the film over the weekend, and more than 2 million people were willing to brave anti-coronavirus restrictions between Wednesday and Sunday.The film’s weekend score was achieved from 1,997 screens and accounted for 78% of the total market.

Distribution is handled by Cj Entertainment.The aggregate nationwide box office leaped from $7.68 million to $13.4 million, with two other local titles claiming top three spots.

That stands in contrast with the mainland China market where box office has plateaued at $17 million for the past two weekends, and where there has yet to be a supply of strong new local titles.

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