Korea Box Office: ‘Pacific Rim: Uprising’ Eases Aside ‘Be With You’

Pacific Rim: Uprising” debuted on top of the South Korean box office.

Opening on Wednesday, the Upi release earned $6.38 million from 858,000 admissions over five days.

That is lower than the $11.2 million of the first “Pacific Rim” series.

Taking up some 1,143 screens nationwide, “Uprising” accounted for 40% of total weekend box office.Korean trio, “Be with You,” “Vanished-2018-movie-posters/”>The Vanished” and “Little Forest” each slipped one place.

Lotte’s fantasy romance “Be With You” dropped only 17% and earned $4.45 million between Friday and Sunday for a total of $17.2 million after two weekends.

“Vanished” earned $708,000 and extended its total to $9.71 million after three weekends.

“Little Forest” earned $462,000 for a four-weekend total of $10.8 million.Set for a March 28 release, local horror movie “Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum” earned $492,000 million from preview screenings held between Monday (Mar.

19) and Sunday and landed in fifth place.

The Showbox release revolves around an online reality show broadcaster who recruits a small group to explore an abandoned hospital.

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