Kubrick Dreamed of Casting Bill Murray, Woody Allen for ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ Before Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise’s performance in Stanley Kubrick’s final feature “Eyes Wide Shut” is one of his most famous roles, but the A-list actor was far from the first name Kubrick considered for the part of Dr.

William “Bill” Harford.

David Mikics’ new biography “Stanley Kubrick: American Filmmaker” reveals the original wish list Kubrick dreamed up for casting his male lead in “Eyes Wide Shut” (via The Independent), and the names are as far from Cruise as possible.

Mikics writes that Kubrick “fantasized about casting an actor who would have a comedian’s resilience.” For this reason, the list included Steve Martin, Woody Allen, Dustin Hoffman, Warren Beatty, Alan Alda, Albert Brooks, Bill Murray, Tom Hanks, and Sam Shepard.Mikics discovered the original “Eyes Wide Shut” casting wish list “in a notebook from the Eighties,” years before Kubrick would go into development on the project.

The author adds that Kubrick

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