Larry David Probably Only Has ‘One More’ Season of ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ in Him, Says Jeff Garlin

Curb Your Enthusiasm” fans have been eagerly awaiting a new season since the 10th outing aired its finale in March 2020, with Larry David’s spite store Latte Larry’s burning to the ground.

But it’s not unusual for fans to wait a long time between seasons.The wait will soon be over, with filming on Season 11 already underway this year after the show was renewed back in June 2020.

However, in a new chat with Mediaite (via Uproxx), Jeff Garlin (who plays Larry’s best friend and manager on the show) revealed that Larry David probably only has one more season of the long-running uncomfortable comedy in him.

The comedian and “Seinfeld” creator, after all, turned 74 on July 2.“We could maybe do one more [season], maybe,” Garlin said.

“You know, Larry is in his 70s.

Don’t get me wrong, he’s in good shape.” But Garlin, who stars in both

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