Last Night In Soho Reveals The Thrilling Next Era Of Edgar Wright [Fantastic Fest]

The most exciting thing about “Last Night in Soho” is that it feels unlike any other Edgar Wright film, while being, unmistakably, an Edgar Wright film.

This is undeniably the filmmaker who made “Shaun of the Dead” and “Scott Pilgrim vs the World,” but his work on this new London-set, time-jumping horror movie is far removed from his earlier filmography.

Before our very eyes, an already-skilled filmmaker has refused to keep doing the same thing.

It may feel insulting to say he’s grown up, so let’s say he’s evolved.Welcome to the next generation of Edgar Wright movies, which refreshingly refuse to…The post Last Night in Soho Reveals the Thrilling Next Era of Edgar Wright [Fantastic Fest] appeared first on /Film.

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