‘Last Night in Soho’ Review: Edgar Wright’s Delirious Horror Movie Is a Mod Delight

Edgar Wright’s long-awaited new film has plenty of what you might call The Wright Stuff.

That is, it mixes comedy with more nerve-racking genres, it bursts with his love of pop culture, it explores his mixed feelings about the lure and the risk of nostalgia, and it includes several of his other favorite subjects, including London life and dodgy pubs.“Last Night In Soho” also marks a refreshing change for the director and co-writer of “Shaun of the Dead”, “Hot Fuzz”, and “Baby Driver.” Left behind is his trademark hyperactive editing and insistent post-modernism; in its place is flowing movement and intense emotion.

It’s not just different from his previous films; it’s different from everyone else’s previous films.

Ok, you might mistake it for an extra-long episode of “Doctor Who”, but “Last Night In Soho” is still .Another factor that separates it from Wright’s other

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