Laura Dern Talks Aging at Aarp’s Movies for Grownups Awards: ‘I’m Having the Time of My Life’

Ageism may be a significant problem in Hollywood, but not at Aarp’s “Movies for Grownups” Awards, where actors over 50 are revered like fine wine — and honored for getting better with age.

Inevitably, there were some jokes about the ceremony’s name: “When I was asked to attend an award show called Movies for Grownups, I assumed you were honoring me for my career in pornography,” cracked Conan O’Brien, who introduced Adam Sandler, teasing him for his eagerness to receive the Best Actor award.

“You’re like a chimp that saw a banana.”Before the ceremony began, Sandler reflected on his own “grownup” performance.

“I understand what they’re saying because I certainly don’t want my kids to watch ‘Uncut Gems,’ ” Sandler told Variety.

“But I think any movie at any age can connect with you.

I go to these animated movies with my kids and I love them.

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