LCD Soundsystem Releases Original Song ‘New Body Rhumba’ from ‘White Noise’

While a new Noah Baumbach movie (especially one that stars Greta Gerwig and Adam Driver) is always going to be a big event for the indie film community, the release of “White Noise” is an equally monumental moment for music fans.

Indie rockers LCD Soundsystem, who haven’t released new music since the 2018 album “American Dream” hit shelves, have contributed a new original song for the film.Titled “New Body Rhumba,” the track serves as the backdrop for a massive dance number during the film’s closing credits.

And if you can’t wait for “White Noise” to premiere in theaters November 25 or stream on Netflix December 30, the song is now available online.The song marks the latest reunion for a band that seems like it just can’t break up despite everyone’s best efforts.

LCD Soundsystem formed in 2001 and quickly rose to prominence despite only releasing three albums

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