Led by ‘The New Mutants,’ U.S. Theaters See Less Than $16 Million Box Office Weekend

About 62 percent of U.S.

locations were open this weekend, with what looks like a total gross of around $15 million-$16 million.

Figure if all theaters were open, $25 million or above would have been the total.

The same weekend last year (which included the three days before Labor Day) totaled $92 million.Obviously, the lack of ongoing films is a key factor, but in 2019 there were no new films that weekend.

Aided by more theaters being open and a handful of new releases, this weekend’s numbers are about double last weekend.

However, they suggest that a substantial part of the moviegoing public is, so far, not going.Long-delayed “X-Men” offshoot “The New Mutants” is #1 with $7 million estimated.

The 20th Century Fox film saw its release delayed until long after the Disney merger; this is actually its fifth scheduled release date, and only one of those change stemmed from Covid-19.

In a world without Covid,

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