Leonard Nimoy Nearly Missed His Chance To Act Opposite Ingrid Bergman

Alan Gibson’s 1982 TV miniseries, “A Woman Called Golda,” isn’t widely discussed in the pop culture firmament, but when it first aired, it felt like an event.

A biography of Golda Meir, the Prime Minister of Israel from 1969 until 1974, “A Woman Called Golda” boasted an all-star, award-winning cast that boggles the mind.

Meir herself was played by Ingrid Bergman in what would prove to be her final screen role.

She was joined by the likes of Ned Beatty, who played an American senator, Robert Loggia who played Anwar Sadat, and Nigel Hawthorne, who played King Abdullah I of Jordan.

Judy David played the young Meir.

From 1917 to his death in 1951, Meir was married to a man named Morris Meyerson, and Meyerson was played by Leonard Nimoy, acting in scenes opposite both Davis and Bergman.”A Woman Called Golda” aired in two 2-hour parts, starting on April 26 on CBS.

The project was overseen by Harve Bennett,

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