Let’s Talk About the Knockout Ending of ‘Promising Young Woman’

First of all, for the love of God, do not read this story or watch the video unless you’ve seen Emerald Fennell’s “Promising Young Woman.” Just stop now — unless, of course, you love spoilers, in which case… go forth.In “Promising Young Woman,” Carey Mulligan plays Cassie, whose childhood best friend, Nina, was raped during a raucous party in medical school.

While we never find out exactly what happened afterward, what emerges is that Nina dropped out of school after a sham investigation — and so did Cassie, in order to take care of her.

We also know that Nina is dead.At some point before the movie’s action starts, Cassie began devoting herself to avenging Nina.

She goes to bars and acts wasted, and inevitably a man picks her up in order to, he tells himself and possibly his bros, get her home safely.

When he, again inevitably,

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