Liam Neeson’s ‘Honest Thief’ Takes No. 1 at the Box Office as Theaters Continue to Struggle

Post-“Tenet,” when major studios have all but abandoned theaters, it’s the indies that shine a little light.

They have their pick of the screens and an ability to hold them not seen since… well, ever.

(“Unhinged”: nine weeks and counting in the U.S.) It’s not enough to make up the difference of a Covid-impacted marketplace, but it’s enough for Open Road’s Liam Neeson vehicle “Honest Thief” to take no.

1 with $3.7 millionOverall grosses continued a slow uptick, with this weekend’s Top Ten total of $11.8 million the best since the second weekend of “Tenet” in the U.S.

The full total looks to be around $14 million, again an improvement.

(The same weekend in 2019 was $138 million.)Regal, the second-largest chain, remains all but closed.

New York state and Seattle are now open; New York City, Los Angeles County, and San Francisco remain closed.

Those missing theaters impacted “Honest Thief,

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