Lightyear Director Angus MacLane And Producer Galyn Susman On Metanarrative And More [Interview]

Director Angus MacLane and producer Galyn Susman have been heavily involved in numerous Pixar projects going back decades.

Susman’s first credit as an associate producer came with “Ratatouille” in 2007, and she later produced several Pixar shorts and TV specials.

Her first credited feature as a producer was for “Toy Story 4,” and she returns to that role again now for “Lightyear.” MacLane, meanwhile, got his start at Pixar as an animator on “A Bug’s Life” and “Toy Story 2.” He was the animation director on “Wall-e” and animation co-director on 2016’s mega-hit “Finding Dory.” “Lightyear” marks MacLane’s first time as a…The post Lightyear Director Angus MacLane and Producer Galyn Susman on Metanarrative and More [Interview] appeared first on /Film.

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