Lily Collins Details the ‘Crazy Whirlwind’ of Leaving ‘Emily in Paris’ Set for ‘Mank’ Rehearsals

Lily Collins’ Netflix series “Emily in Paris” shot to the top of the streaming giant’s most-watched TV chart in the days after its October 2 premiere, and it’s not the only Netflix hit the actress is expected to have before the end of the year.

Collins stars opposite Gary Oldman in David Fincher’s Netflix original film “Mank,” the director’s highly anticipated first film since 2014’s “Gone Girl.” Having two big Netflix projects debut back to back is appropriate considering Collins worked on “Emily in Paris” and “Mank” at the same time.

Juggling both projects required Collins to leave Paris on the weekends for just 24 hours to attend “Mank” rehearsals with Fincher in Los Angeles.“The process of how I even got involved with ‘Mank’ was crazy,” Collins told Variety in a recent interview.

“I put myself on tape the week before I left for Paris, sent the tape in,

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