Limbo star Amir El-Masry: ‘I sat on Omar Sharif’s lap! It was like I was with my granddad’

A familiar face from TV roles in The Night Manager and Industry, the Cairo-born actor is spellbinding in the upcoming independent film about asylum seekers in the Outer Hebrides.

But does he owe his career to the Lawrence of Arabia star?Amir El-Masry has a gravely handsome face and a forehead that goes on for ever: he is like an Easter Island statue with matinee-idol looks.

Audiences will have a lot of time to study that face in Limbo, a bittersweet British comedy about asylum seekers dispatched to a far corner of the Outer Hebrides (the film was shot in Uist) while their claims are processed.Related: Limbo review – heart-rending portrait of refugees stranded in Scotland

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