‘Lion King’ Prequel Gets Official Title, Footage Shown at D23

Barry Jenkins is heading to Pride Rock.

At D23, the acclaimed “Moonlight” director appeared on stage to officially announce “Mufasa: The Lion King,” a new prequel to the 2019 “Lion King” film.Originally announced in 2020 as a sequel to the 2019 film, “Mufasa” tells the origin story of the iconic Disney father, exploring his childhood growing up with his brother Scar.

The film will feature the voice of Aaron Pierre and Kelvin Harrison Jr.

as younger versions of the characters, filling in for James Earl Jones as Mufasa in both the 1994 original and the 2019 CGI remake, and Jeremy Irons and Chiwetel Ejiofor as the villainous Scar.In addition to announcing the title, exclusive preview footage of the film was shown to the audience of the D23 expo.

The footage began with Rafiki (John Kani) telling the story of Mufasa to young cubs, revealing that the lion was actually an orphaned cub who

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