Lisa Kudrow Says ‘The Comeback’ Season 3 Unlikely: ‘We Don’t Know If HBO Wants It’

Valerie Cherish won’t be making a comeback anytime soon.Lisa Kudrow revealed during a recent Daily Beast interview that despite fan hopes and internal conversations with series co-creator Michael Patrick King, the HBO cult favorite “The Comeback” is unlikely to get a Season 3.“I don’t think we’re gonna make it! Not make it ever, but I don’t think we’re gonna make it in nine years,” Kudrow said.

“We also don’t know if HBO wants it, by the way.

But we haven’t asked.

We’re both sort of like, ‘I’m not gonna ask, are you?’ ‘No, I don’t want to hear ‘no.’ It’s something we love so much.

That’s why it took nine years the first time!”The show business satire, which launched its first season in 2005 before a surprise Season 2 arrived in 2014, followed Kudrow as Valerie, a veteran B-list

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