Listen: Nicholas Hoult Talks ‘Ridiculous’ Sex Scenes in ‘The Great’ and Playing ‘X-Men’s’ Beast Again

It’s not every day that filming a sex scene turns into a giggle fest.But that’s exactly what happened — more than once — while shooting “The Great,” the Hulu series about Catherine the Great starring Elle Fanning in the title role and Nicholas Hoult as her husband Peter III.During their many times trying to get Catherine pregnant with an heir to the empire, Peter is either spewing ridiculous dirty talk or not paying much attention to what’s at hand.“They’re very difficult to do because they are very, very funny, and just ridiculous.

And already, you’re in a slightly uncomfortable position doing that.

But then add the sprinkle of hilarity on top of that and it becomes, yeah, very difficult not to start giggling.

And I giggle a lot.

So that was trouble for me,” Hoult says on this week’s episode of the Variety

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