Listen To Part Of ‘The Batman’ Score In An Orchestral Sneak Peek From Composer Michael Giacchino

In case you didn’t realize it, today is Batman Day, as dictated by the Dark Knight creators at DC Comics.

Since most of the big announcements are being saved for DC FanDome in October, there hasn’t been anything to write home about when it comes to upcoming projects featuring the Caped Crusader.

However, fans eagerly awaiting the release of “The Batman” in 2022 were given a little treat by composer Michael Giacchino, who has been hard at work on the film’s score.

Below, listen to a snippet of the blaring orchestral arrangement that we’ll hear in theaters next year.Man,…The post Listen to Part of ‘The Batman’ Score in an Orchestral Sneak Peek from Composer Michael Giacchino appeared first on /Film.

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