Listen to Samuel L. Jackson When He Tells You ‘Motherf*ckers’ to Social Distance — Watch

Samuel L.

Jackson advocated for social distancing during a video chat interview on the March 31 installment of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” in the most Samuel L.

Jackson way, which means a lot of expletives were used.

Jackson teamed up with writer Adam Mansbach to put a new spin on the author’s bestselling children’s book “Go the F*ck to Sleep.” Jackson said to Kimmel, “[Adam and I] talked about what we could do remind people of social distancing and where we are in these times now.

So he wrote a new poem, I read it, and we want to present it to the public right now.”The poem is appropriately titled “Stay the F*ck at Home,” and it finds Jackson urging “motherf*ckers” around the world to stay inside and practice social distancing and self-isolation.

Jackson reads: “Now, technically, I’m not a doctor/ but, motherfucker, listen when I read a poem/ So,

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