‘Little America’ Producers on TV’s Potential to Change People’s Minds

Inspired by the photo essay of the same name from Epic Magazine, “Little America” tells the stories of real-life immigrants.

The latest original series from Apple TV+ follows their struggles, triumphs, and everything in between in their attempts to live the American dream.The critical reception has been unanimous so far; in his review of the series, IndieWire’s Ben Travers called “Little America” the “first unconditionally good show” of Apple TV+’s original offerings.

However, given the current political climate in which it’s been released, the focus now shifts to reach and impact: Will the anthology drama be able to connect with a politically diverse audience and shift narrow perspectives, or will it merely be preaching to a choir of people already accepting of immigrants?IndieWire spoke to the executive producers of “Little America” — showrunner Lee Eisenberg, Alan Yang, Kumail Nanjiani, Emily V.

Gordon, and Epic Magazine co-founder

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