‘Little’ Review: Marsai Martin’s Big Performance Almost Saves a Very Stunted Comedy

The word on Tina Gordon’s “Little,” a slapdash modern inversion of “Big,” is that “Black-ish” star Marsai Martin came up with the idea for the movie when she was only 10 years old, and became the youngest executive producer in Hollywood history when the thing actually went into production a few years later.

That’s a nice bit of trivia, but “the hacky premise for this studio comedy was pitched by the child star of a network sitcom” may not be the strongest hook for a PG-13 comedy that’s aimed at adults (though also still appropriate for older kids).

If anything, it sounded like a chintzy excuse to soft-pedal another lazy remake at a time when audiences are desperate for original fare that rewards their decision to leave Netflix at home for the night.And maybe it was.

The finished product won’t exactly disabuse you of your most

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