Lockdown watch: Nick Broomfield on The Grinch, Pets and Pink Panther

The documentary-maker is locked down with a seven-year-old which means that family films edge out Citizen KaneRead all the other Lockdown watch choicesThe best arts and entertainment during self-isolationI wish I could send over a list of all the great films I am catching up with during the lockdown: Citizen Kane, Nanook of the North, Battleship Potemkin … However my reality is very different.

I am locked down with Charlie, my seven-year-old son, so my viewing consists of The Secret Life of Pets 2, which I’ve watched at least 10 times (and highly recommend); The Lion King, brilliant; Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle, wonderful; How to Train Your Dragon, Charlie loves it, me less so; Spider-Man, way above my head; The Grinch, brilliant.

Occasionally I try to sneak in Planet Earth; Serengeti, though, was a complete bust.Related: Nick Broomfield: ‘I was a rebel, causing as much trouble as possible’Continue reading.

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