‘Look Both Ways’ Review: Lili Reinhart Embraces a So-So ‘Sliding Doors’ Scenario

In director Wanuri Kahiu’s “Look Both Ways,” a twentysomething woman is confronted with a pivotal situation that splits her life in two, eventually landing both versions of herself at a crossroads.

The film mixes the conceits of “Sliding Doors” and “For Keeps” into one refurbished product, eschewing fantasy or melodrama in favor of grounded authenticity and levity.

While the filmmakers’ heads and hearts are in the right place with their resonant sentiments on taking risks and embracing fate, their execution of narrative basics proves lackluster.Natalie (Lili Reinhart) may look like an animated Disney princess, but her life is no fairytale.

The soon-to-be college graduate has a five-year plan for success.

Or at least she thought she did.

She didn’t factor in the spontaneous sex she and friend Gabe (Danny Ramirez) had after finals, which leaves her puking her guts out and taking a pregnancy test at a rowdy graduation party.

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