Look Out: ‘Black Panther’ Could Roar All the Way to the Oscar for Best Picture

Marvel movies aren’t supposed to crack the Oscar code.

They’re comic book movies, after all.

Even “Wonder Woman” whiffed its swing at Oscar nominations.

But 32-year-old Ryan Coogler took his assignment seriously.

He didn’t feel limited by entering the Marvel universe.

He felt supported, emboldened, and, with Marvel writer Joe Robert Cole, submitted a sprawling script crammed with ideas that had to be whittled down to a two-hour movie.He didn’t just do what Marvel told him, though.

He brought in twice Oscar-nominated costume designer Ruth Carter and first-time woman cinematographer nominee Rachel Morrison (“Mudbound”) along with other old collaborators and first-time Marvel hires Hannah Beachler, who wowed Marvel with her production designs for Wakanda, Swedish composer Ludwig Göransson (a collaborator since film school at USC), and editor Michael B.

Shavwer.And he crafted a movie that presents superhero T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman), an African king who presides over Wakanda,

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