Look who’s stalking: how the slasher movie screamed its way back

The return of Halloween, I Know What You Did Last Summer and Scream is just the beginning of a bullish comeback for the subgenre that will never dieLike the bloody, bullet-strewn killer at the end of a frenzied high body count climax making one medically impossible last-gasp attempt to kill the final girl, the slasher movie is lurching its way back to life with a dramatic jolt.

The easily maligned subgenre had shown brief flashes of reanimation in recent years but we’re now in the thick of a full resurgence and this time it’s taking over both the big and small screen.

There’s nowhere to hide.Earlier this year, Netflix unspooled its ambitious Fear Street trilogy (acquired from Fox during the pandemic), adaptations of Rl Stine’s teen novels about a town gripped by a killer curse and earlier this month, it also released There’s Someone Inside Your House,

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