‘Lord of the Rings’ Gimli Stunt Double Talks Set Injuries, Not Getting Proper Credit in First Interview

Polygon continued its year-long celebration of Peter Jackson’s “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy with a true gift to fans: The first-ever extensive interview with Gimli stunt double Brett Beattie.

While John Rhys-Davies played Gimli and was credited in the film accordingly, Beattie was more than just your average stunt double and said he spent at least 189 days playing Gimli in the trilogy.

Beattie was originally hired to do horse stunts but his role evolved into a stand-in actor for Rhys-Davies because his height of 4’10” better resembled a dwarf.

Rhys-Davies also had an allergic reaction to the facial prosthetics needed to transform him into Gimli, which only made the production rely more heavily on Beattie.“I am aware that a lot of the people, even hard-core ‘Lord of the Rings’ fans assume that a lot of the shots are some tricky sort of camera angle or some CGI shrinking John Rhys-Davies down,

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