‘Losing Alice’: Through the End, the Dreamiest Parts of Apple’s Psychological Thriller Felt Real

[Editor’s Note: The following interview contains spoilers for “Losing Alice,” including the end.]When filming the second-to-last episode of “Losing Alice,” writer-director Sigal Avin faced a challenge.

Not only did the episode feature an extended sequence that required emotional vulnerability from everyone involved, but also in that moment Avin was a director directing a fictional director directing.Buried within an incredibly focused and layered enterprise, on the most basic level possible Avin had to figure out how to differentiate herself from her filmmaker character Alice (Ayelet Zurer).

Avin couldn’t even call “cut!” — that was in Alice’s dialogue, a cue for David (Gal Toren) and Sophie (Lihi Kornowski) to show their frustration.“We had a code.

I would yell ‘Chips!’ if I really wanted to cut, if it was Sigal wanting to cut the scene or just yelling ‘Cut’ so that they would know when to explode,” Avin said.

“Those scenes were actually a bit of a mindfuck.

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