‘Love, Guaranteed’ Review: App-Savvy Dating Gets the Old-Fashioned Treatment in Netflix Rom-Com

There’s little false advertising to “Love, Guaranteed,” a romantic comedy about true love and the seemingly overblown promises of online dating.

The shared fate of Susan Whitaker and Nick Evans — played by Rachel Leigh Cook and Damon Wayans Jr.

— is all but assured by director Mark Steven Johnson’s pretty much by-the-numbers take.

The question isn’t “Will they wind up together?” It’s more of a “how they will wind up together” proposition.

Even with some nicely understated moments from the leads, the Netflix film is decidedly slight, easy-on-the-noggin entertainment.Susan Whitaker has her own shingle as an attorney.

Nick is a physical therapist at a rehab center.

How others feel about each of them — her employees, his patients — attests to the fact they are decent people.

When Nick first seeks out Susan’s services for a lawsuit, she has her doubts.

Still, her penchant for turning paying

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