Lydia Tár and Daniel Plainview Fascinate Us For This Same Reason

Cate Blanchett’s latest character Lydia Tár in Todd Field’s Tár, yet another phenomenal performance added to the actor’s rich filmography, brings another chillingly maniacal character to mind – Daniel Day-Lewis’ Daniel Plainview in There Will Be Blood.

Lydia Tár, the world’s most acclaimed and ruthless composer, is manipulative, scary, and starkly human on a level that is truly sensational to experience.

While Blanchett already has two Academy Awards on her resume, she could likely win another Best Actress trophy in March for a performance that is simply “undeniable.” One of the few actors that already has three acting prizes from the Academy is Daniel Day-Lewis; his second win came for his role as the aforementioned Daniel Plainview in There Will Be Blood, a performance not dissimilar from Blanchett’s.

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