M. Night Shyamalan Almost Directed ‘Life of Pi’: ‘That Was One I Wish I Did’

From his early success with “The Sixth Sense” and “Unbreakable” to his mid-2000s dry spell that included “After Earth” and “The Last Airbender,” M.

Night Shyamalan’s roller coaster of a career has taken him through every level of Hollywood.

The multi-hyphenate has found renewed success in recent years directing mid-budget genre films like “Old” and “Knock at the Cabin,” but that doesn’t mean he’s stopped thinking about some of the bigger projects that he flirted with over the years.

In a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Shyamalan reflected on some of the projects that he came close to directing over the course of his three decade career.“I loved the book ‘Life of Pi,’ and I was going to make it.

But Ang Lee made a beautiful movie from it.

That was one that I wished I did,” Shyamalan said.

“In between the first two

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