M. Night Shyamalan Says No to ‘Glass’ Sequels, Originally Wrote the Horde From ‘Split’ Into ‘Unbreakable’

The release of “Glass” this month will close the book on an 18-year journey for writer-director M.

Night Shyamalan.

The 48-year-old director was following up the blockbuster success of “The Sixth Sense” when he released his original superhero origin story “Unbreakable” in theaters in 2000.

Shyamalan always intended to create a franchise with the movie, and he confirmed to Vulture that he originally wrote James McAvoy’s “Split” character, the Horde, into his early draft of “Unbreakable.”“Originally ‘Unbreakable’ and ‘Split’ were together,” Shyamalan said.

“David and the Horde bump into each other at the train station, and David follows him.”When asked why he decided to remove the Horde from “Unbreakable,” Shyamalan answered, “It’s a narrative issue.

Whenever you raise the stakes, you can’t unraise them.

So once you introduce girls being abducted, there’s a ticking clock that doesn’t allow for the breadth of character development

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