M. Night Shyamalan Will Direct Two New Original Thrillers for Universal in 2021 and 2023


Night Shyamalan reteaming with some old friends for a pair of new original thrillers: The Wrap reports that the filmmaker is set to direct two new films in the next four years, both of which will be distributed by Universal Pictures.

While the studio previously released Shyamalan’s “The Visit,” “Split,” and “Glass,” the filmmaker independently financed all three of them and, according to The Wrap, he “will similarly finance his upcoming two films.”The films will be released on February 26, 2021 and February 17, 2023, and details are very much under wraps.

The one thing we do know: both are billed as original thrillers, in keeping with Shyamalan’s affection for creating his own unique material for the big screen.“M.

Night Shyamalan continues to create exciting, highly original stories that keep global audiences on the edge of their seats,” Peter Cramer, President, Universal Pictures, said in an official statement.


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