Macao Festival: Juliette Binoche Tells ‘The Truth’ About Acting

It’s hard for Juliette Binoche to think about her recent career trajectory from a bird’s eye view as she hurtles along within it.

She has put out five films in the past two years.Her latest is Hirokazu Kore-eda’s French-language drama “The Truth,” which is getting her Oscar buzz for her role opposite Catherine Deneuve.

It screened at the International Film Festival and Awards Macau, where she was a talent ambassador this year.When pressed, she admits that there was perhaps a turning point for her mastery of her craft that came not from being in front of the camera, but on stage in her 2008 dance-theater performance “in-i” with Akram Kham.“I thought I was going to die every night I was going on” because of how physically demanding the show was, she said.

“I probably overcame some sort of fear to find I had to trust the moment,

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