Machaco, Aramos to Launch Joint Venture La Puerta Roja (Exclusive)

Fernando Díaz’s Machaco Films and Roxana Ramos’ Aramos Cine have partnered to set up a joint venture: La Puerta Roja, focused on horror and fantasy movies as well as working with prominent genre directors from Ibero-America.

Both companies are based in Buenos Aires.The idea sprang from Machaco and Aramos’s co-production partnership on Demian Rugna’s next project “When Evil Lurks.” Machaco had already produced Rugna’s “Terrified,” awarded at the Austin Fantastic Fest among a flurry of international kudos, and whose remake rights were acquired by Guillermo del Toro.A cinema-tv production company, Machaco Films was founded over 20 years ago.

Productions include Fernando Díaz’s “Soul’s Square,” and Rossana Díaz Costa’s “Trip to Timbuktu” and “A World for Julius,” based on Alfredo Bryce Echenique’s same-titled novel.As for Aramos, it has raised international expectations with Alexi Tolstoy’s short story adaptation of “Vurdalak Blood,

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