Mads Mikkelsen’s Casino Royale Casting All Came Down To Location

When Daniel Craig first stepped into the role of James Bond, everybody involved knew he had big shoes to fill.

Taking on a role that had been defined by legendary actors like Sean Connery and Pierce Brosnan wasn’t a task to be taken lightly.

Craig learned that quickly, getting hurt a few times on the set of his first film as the British superspy, “Casino Royale.” If people were going to accept him as the new Bond, Craig was going to do a great job, even if that meant doing his own stunts.It was a blessing for Craig, then, that Mads Mikkelsen was ultimately casted to be his first archnemesis of his run as Bond.

Mikkelsen played the calculating financier, Le Chiffre, who takes Bond on in an extremely high stakes game of poker.Mikkelsen brought a presence and suavity to the role that made him a great foil to Craig’s Bond,

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