Making The Bob’s Burgers Movie Wasn’t An Easy Process

Hand-drawn, 2D cel animation is hard.

It’s labor-intensive and time-consuming and the leading cause of death for pencils.

Who knows, that last bit might even be true.

Despite its difficulty, however, there are plenty of artists who still gravitate toward the medium.

3D CGI animation might be readily available in 2023 but for some, it just doesn’t capture that same magic.Loren Bouchard, the creative mind behind “Bob’s Burgers,” an ongoing 2D animated series, told Looper during an exclusive interview that the medium is, “by definition, somewhat more minimal.” Bouchard explained, “It doesn’t have to be simple, but it’s reducing the world to a line drawing with some color.

It’s a fascinating process.” He noted that CGI incorporates a true perspective of reality, and while he respects and enjoys CG animated films, he hopes that “the art and craft of 2D animation, especially at that higher level, that theatrical level,” continues on.

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