‘Malcolm & Marie’ Soars at Netflix as ‘Greenland’ Continues to Score at a Premium VOD Price

Just as the Super Bowl traditionally inhibits studios from releasing new titles to theaters, there were few fresh films available on home platforms.

As a result, four titles — all previously ranked #1 on multiple charts — took the top spots again.

The exception was Netflix, which debuted “Malcolm & Marie” February 5.

Starring Zendaya and John David Washington, it immediately became the streamer’s most-watched film.Long-running, still-Premium VOD titles “Greenland” and “News of the World,” along with $5.99 rentals “Tenet” and “Let Him Go,” are this week’s chart toppers.

“News” and “Tenet” made all four lists (as did “The War with Grandpa”).

“Let Him Go” failed to make Spectrum’s top 10, with its price reduction coming too late to impact the list.There were a few surprises.

Why is “2067,” an Australian science-fiction film starring Ryan Kwanten and Kodi Smit McPhee, available for $0.99 at Apple? (It’s more expensive elsewhere.) “Promising Young Woman,

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