Mandy Reinvigorates 1970s Legacy in Psychedelic Horror Movie

Mandy (2018) is a difficult film to pin down: part revenge film, part visual art piece, it is a film that has continued to defy attempts to categorize it.

Despite this, or perhaps because of it, it has built up a cult following since its release, and started what this author has lovingly termed the Cageissance, for lead actor Nicolas Cage, much like the McConaissance did for Matthew McConaughey post True Detective and Dallas Buyers Club.

Mandy is a neon-drenched nightmare that takes on themes of revenge, misogyny and psychedelic reality shifts.

Although this film is a contemporary one, and is set in the early 1980s, the turbulent legacy of the 1970s is evident in the dynamics between all the main characters and in the tense, uneasy questions the film poses about our right to live on our own terms, and the lack of protection from those who would do us harm.

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