‘Mank’ Was Steven Soderbergh’s Most-Watched Film of 2020

It’s become an annual tradition for Steven Soderbergh to share his most-watched and read films, television shows, and books.

Mank,” David Fincher’s acclaimed biographical drama, served as Soderbergh’s most-watched film of 2020.Soderbergh shared his 2020 media diet in a Tuesday post on his “Seen, Read” list that the filmmaker updates every January.

Soderbergh first watched “Mank” on March 21, well before the film’s public premiere in November 2020.

Soderbergh re-watched the film two days later, again in May, and viewed it a fourth and final time on December 2.Soderbergh’s early look at “Mank” wasn’t just for his own amusement; IndieWire reported in December that Soderbergh offered feedback during the film’s development, which led to the editing of one of the film’s pivotal scenes.

Soderbergh critiqued the film’s complicated costume party set piece, which star Gary Oldman performed around 100 takes for.“Soderbergh came during an

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